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A Star in Danger

Luc Riolon


Une Étoile en danger - Trailer

Star dancer of the Opera of Paris, Kader Belarbi is a familiar figure in the world of contemporary dance, having interpreted, among others, works of Dominique Bagouet, Maguy Marin, Daniel Larrieu, Willian Firsythe, Odile Duboc…

Since 1994, Farid Berki has been exploring the frontiers between genres with his company Melting Spot. His first few creations, Fantazia and Points of Downfall led him to discover the classical repertoire through Petrotchka that he revisited in 1998 through a choreography for five dancers and one musician.

On the occasion of the « carte blanche » at Avignon in 1999, Karine Saporta asked Kader Belarbi to choose a choreographer who would invent a 30-minute solo for him. Kader Belarbi chose Farid Berki, hip-hop and urban dance specialist.

They’re both anxious, anxious because of each other, anxious about this blend of hip-hop and classical dance. But they’re also very enthused by this meeting and are bubbling with ideas from the very first meeting in the Opera Garnier.

This documentary follows the process of creation that leads us progressively to the actual show, startign from the first steps in the rehearsal studios upto the show under the Avignon skies. The camera regularly captures the explosion of ideas between the two men and the rebuttals back and forth until the final writing of the ideas that they will retain and rehearse until the premiere.

A parallel cut of extracts from the actual show slipped in between rehearsal images reveal the complexity of the process of creation.