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Carlos Nuñez / Bretaña

Christian Rouaud

2013 / 63 minutes / Production : 24 images, France Télévisions / Broadcasting : France 3 Ouest

Bretaña Trailer

A Spaniard of placid appearance. He’s also a worldwide star. He’s a virtuoso, who has already performed in the Royal Albert Hall in London and at the Carnegie Hall in New York. He is submerged by the exclusive love for his instrument, the Gaelic Bagpiper.

His life is a unique story, filled with miraculous discoveries and fortuitous meetings, which are in fact the result of a commendable stubbornness. A life in which Art, work, pleasure are all intertwined, because they constitute the fundamental choice, a demanding that knows no obstacle and calls for the strangest renouncements.

Carlos Nuñez, Gaïta player.