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Composers of yesterday and of today

Luc Riolon

2005 / 87min / Production : 24 Images - America Mundi Filmes / Broadcasting : France 2 - Mezzo

The composer Joao de Deus Castro Lobo (1794-1832) is a mulatto born into a poor family. He is one of the greatest talents of this epoch. Music, for him, was a real means of communication between colonial Portugal and European culture. And more importantly, represented a means of rising on the social ladder.

Castro Lobo absorbed everything there was of the best of the 18th century, and his music therefore is largely influenced by great European composers from Vienna in Italy, namely Haydn et Rossini. It is the crossing of these different influences that are European, African from slavery and also from the royal court of Portugal, which will later grow into the famous “modinhas”.

His works are today interpreted by various Brazilian orchestras, the most prominent one being UFOP.