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Dream of a factory

Luc Decaster

2002 / 98 minutes / Production : 24 images, Corto Pacific / Distribution : Zootrope

Dream of a factory - Trailer

The announcement that the Epéda factory in Mer, that employed them was going to shut down stupefied the factory workers, who even the previous month, were working over-time. Work stops gradually. Between the walls of the sick factory, time is now ticking for the individuals.

Around silent machines, spontaneous conversations spring up. Incomprehension, and then anger are expressed. The fight begins to take shape. From those who begin already to imagine their unemployed status to the stronger ones who lead the battle, these workers, left in the lurch, seek in vain someone to negotiate with.

Who’re they going to find on the opposite camp ?

  • Awards :
    • First Prize at the Festival Environnement Paris 2002