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In the footsteps of Georges Branche

Didier Agostini

2004 / 26min / Production : 24 images - Équidia / Broadcasting : Équidia

Georges Branche is a horseman and an atypical stuntman. He won’t take any risks concerning his horses, but is rather patient with and respectful towards the animal.

George is an enterprising person in the show business. He is the manager of a company that employs ten to thirty people. He had to make a name for himself and make known his talents to Anglo-Saxon filmmakers (Kenneth Branagh, Jerry Zucker, Steve Baron, Peter Greenaway, Tim Burton, Ridley Scott) before obtaining the French filmmakers’ confidence (Benoît Jacquot, Etienne Chatillez, Alain Chabat or even Philippe de Broca).