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Kurdish Lover

Clarisse Hahn

2011 / 98 minutes / Production : 24 images, Les Films du Présent, Avanton Productions / Distribution : Nour Films

The Kurdish lover is Oktay, a man of Kurdish origin with whom I share my life. We have been drifting through a devastated region brought to a standstill by war and economic misery. How do people manage to co-exist in this place? This is the question posed by the film.

Here we live in close proximity to one another, in a tightly woven network of geographical and social ties. Loving someone can become confused with having a hold over them. It is with an often black humour that the characters
featured in this film find ways, within their community, to affirm that they truly exist.

A shaman goes into trance in front of the television, sex-starved hermit dreams of marriage, a ewe is sacrificed and eaten, an old woman prevents her daughter-in-law from learning to read, a shepherdess lives at the top of the mountain and would like to return to the valley, the military watch over the village, a man who came from Europe goes off to request the hand in marriage of a young girl living with her mother.

It is through these situations that we discover the reality of families doing what they can to find a way of living together, to take the best – or the worst – from each moment.

Theatrical release : september 2012 / visa n° 118. 654

  • Selection :
    • MONTREAL Festival des films du Monde, Canada
    • CLERMONT-FERRAND Traces de Vies, France
    • MONTREUIL Rencontres du Cinéma Documentaire, France
    • LJUBLJANA Independent Documentary Film Festival, Slovenia
    • BELO HORIZONTE Forumdoc, Brazil
    • BELFORT Entrevues Festival International du film, France
    • OUIDAH Quintessence, Festival International du Film, Bénin
    • BERGAME Film Meeting, Italy
    • FLORENCE Film Middle East Now, Italy
    • PARIS Cinéma du Réel, France
    • LONDON International Documentary Festival, United Kingdom
    • LASALLE Festival de films documentaires, France
    • LONDON Open City Documentary Film Festival, United Kingdom
    • RIO DE JANEIRO Femina, International Women’s Film Festival, Brazil
    • BELGRADE International Festival of Ethnological Film, Serbia
    • PERM Flahertiana International Documentary Film Festival, Russia
    • ROVERTO International Festival of Archaeological Film, Italy
  • Awards :
    • Grand Prix, CLERMONT-FERRAND Traces de Vies, France
    • Prix du Film Français, BELFORT Festival International du film, France
    • Prix du Public documentaire, BELFORT Festival International du film, France
    • Best Film, BELO HORIZONTE Forumdoc, Brazil
    • Special Jury Award, RIO DE JANEIRO Women’s International Film festival, Brazil