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My friend, my enemy

Mazen Saadeh

2004 / 52min / Production : 24 images

My Friend, My Ennemy - Trailer
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Summer 2000, Denver City, USA. A group of teenage girls from Denver, Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza participate in a peace camp at a retreat centre in the Colorado Mountains. As the workshop progresses, friendships develop and stereotypes slowly dissolve.

Autumn, 2002, start of the 2nd Intifada.
In Tel Aviv, Ameera, a 17-year old Palestinian girl who participated in the summer camp, is sentenced to two years in an Israeli prison. She is under suspicion of terrorist activities.

Now in the midst of Intifada, the group of young women struggle to combat their prejudices, hatred and incomprehension in order to reunite and support their friend in jail.

As they are confronted with everyday pressures and dilemmas, the knowledge they gained about peace and tolerance is difficult to put into action. In spite of the suffering and scars, will Ameera’s cause be strong enough to see them bond again as friends?

For the last year, Palestinian director Mazen Saadeh has been closely following this unusual and fragile group of young women - three Israelis and three Palestinians - who cultivated a friendship during a very privileged and remote time of their lives.

Interweaving archive material from the summer peace camp, we follow Gal and Aidy, torn apart by their duty to join the army, Farah the dancer, Raya the tempestuous student, as they fight for their freedom and for their friend in jail.

My Friend, my Enemy, presents a rare opportunity to dive into the daily life of Palestinian and Israeli youths deeply affected by the conflict, and the consequences that occupation can have on their lives and future.