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The Colours of “Jours de fête”

Jacques Deschamps

1995 / 26min / Production : 24 images

Les Couleurs de Jour de fête
mp4 - webm

Very few amateurs of cinema know the real story of the making of world renowned French filmmkaer Jacques Tati’s film “Jours de fête” (also known under the title "Holiday" or "The Big day"). Tati had meant this film to be his first film in colour and had therefore undertaken the shooting of the film with two cameras, the forst one with colour film and the second, with black and white film.

But ill-luck and lack of precision in colour technology in France in 1947 made the colour rushed unexploitable. Tati decided nevertheless to release the film in black and white. "Jour de fête" met with great success.

More than forty years later, with the know-how, the energy and the enthusiasm of Tati’s daughter and other experts in the field, we recovered the colour rushes of the film, examined them and found a solution to release them in colour.

The film was entirely developed and re-edited in colour and was released in cinema halls for the second time, much to the delight of the general public. The most enthusiastic of them were of course residents of the village of Sainte Sévère, which served as the decor for Tati’s film. This film is a hommage to the exemplary vision and talent of an indefatigable filmmaker.