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The cult of the horse in Russia

Laurent Desprez

2006 / 52min / Production : 24 images / Broadcasting : Équidia

The cult of the horse in Russia - Trailer

Since 5000 years, the Russians have maintained privileged ties with the horse. It was in their land, in the steppes of the confines of Asia, that the horse was first domesticated, becoming the very foundation of a people who were later baptised “rider people”. The well-known Cossacks can testify to it.

In addition to a historic recount, this documentary proposes to highlight the quasi-sacred ties that unite Russian and horse in all the various activities and demonstrations. Following Tolstoy, one of the most emblematic figures of this cult, we attend a benediction ceremony for horses in an orthodox parish. We tremble at the acrobatics of Caucasian trick-riders of the Kantemirov dynasty, we gather in the horse cemetery of Tsars in Saint-Petersbourg, we delve into the Troïka competitions in the race course of Moscow which is the Parthenon of horses and we evoke the powerful figure of Count Orlov, the creator of the race that bears his name today.

Finally, we let ourselves be carried away by the flamboyant gallop of the Champion Troïka of Russia.