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The Horses of Pantanal

Flavia Castro, Jean-François Castel

1999 / 26 minutes / Production : 24 images / Broadcasting : France 3, Equidia, Air France

Pantanal is a superb region in the western centre of Brazil, one of the most important ecosystems in the world (200 000 km2), recognised by the UNESCO. Fishing and breeding are the only economic activities here.

The horse in Pantanal is the “tropeiros’” –cowboys of the region - best friend. Alert and docile, these horses have succeeded in adapting to the harsh climatic conditions, despite an infectious anaemia that has made them vulnerable and has reduced their life span.

In this splendid décor, populated by strange animals and magnificent birds, this film recounts the life of the tropeiros and their brave horses.

  • Awards :
    • Second Prize at the International Epona de Cabourg Festival in 2000