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The Secret of Horse-whisperers

Laurent Desprez

1999 / 52 minutes / Production : 24 images / Broadcasting : France 3, Equidia

The Secret of Horse-whisperers - Trailer

Robert Redford’s film “The Horse-whisperer”, released in France in 1998, popularised a new type of horse physician that took into account the psychology of these animals. The aim of the film was not to explain what exactly the method of these “whisperers” consisted of and therefore these physicians continue to be surrounded by a cloud of mystery.

This documentary film clearly exposes what exactly constitutes this method, by repeatedly meeting the most experienced of the several dozens of the whisperers in the USA – four in particular - who have proved themselves as pioneers in the field. By their practice and their theories and also by what they have discovered about the horse that has been unrevealed before. This film traces the initiative undertaken by four great pioneers: Monty Roberts, le Dr. Robert Miller, Tom Dorrance and Pat Parelli.