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Malabar Cadillac

Philippe Gautier, Derrick Widmark

2003 / 83min / Production : 24 images

Diggi and Dileep, two childhood friends from Bombay, buy a second-hand Contessa, the Indian Cadillac of the eighties.

Dileep has just returned hurriedly after having spent two years in the States and is having trouble fitting back into his home country.

Diggi, for his part, has never stepped out of Bombay and he dreams of joining his friend someday in Los Angeles.

With just dreams and no means of getting there, the both of them drive along the west coast of India, comparing the good and the bad of the Orient and the Occident and exchange experiences.

But little by little, the inevitable encounters with real Indian life calls them back to reality; a reality of a world that’s changing and where one is obliged to leave dreams behind if one wants to survive.