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An Evening with the Dupuys

Charles Picq

2005 / 120min / Production : 24 Images - Cie F&D Dupuy - Centre National de la Danse - la Maison de la Danse de Lyon / Broadcasting : Canal 8 Le Mans - TV10 Angers


Françoise and Dominique Dupuy are part of the great figures of contemporary dance in France. They occupy a special place in the dance scene. They are indeed special, for they are the torch-bearers and the memory of a tradition of dance from the post-war period. They are also teachers who have trained the finest breed of contemporary French choreographers. But above all, they have remained dancers even at the age of 70, staging shows at the invitation of other choreographers and their own creations as well.

The evening we propose is representative of this richness of experience. With “Seule?”, we witness an original creation of the Dupuys and with the programme WMD, we witness 3 plays of which 2 are landmarks in their history. The third one is a new creation.