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Jazz J’Asia / Japan Today

Michel Esquirol

1997 / 276 minutes / Production : 24 images / Broadcasting : France Supervision

The black star of Jazz hasn’t stopped shining in the Land of the Rising Sun, and the public has become attentive to the Japanese production in this field, that is in search of an identity.

During the year long cultural shows that were put up to celebrate the Japanese Year in France, these four concerts of upcoming artists of the new Japanese generation, lead us up the river J’Azia on which navigate these superb boatmen.

  • Ist concert: T.Shibuya Orchestra (53 minutes)
  • 2nd concert: F.Itabashi Mix Dynamite (63 minutes)
  • 3rd concert: Tipographica (52 minutes)
  • 4th concert: H.Watanabe (68 minutes)