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Louis Sclavis Fiesta Trio

Jean-Marc Birraux

1997 / 194 minutes / Production : 24 images / Broadcasting : France Supervision, Muzzik, Canal 8 Le Mans

For the festival Europa Jazz 1997, Louis Sclavis was allowed to perform whatever he pleased, with just the obligation of keeping it a trio.

A challenge that he took up by playing for more than four hours with the great names of modern jazz: Henri Texier and Aldo Romano for the “African trio”, Eric Echampart and Bruno Chevillon for the “Classical trio”, Fred Frith and Jean-Pierre Drouet for a never-before played and entirely improvised number.

  • 1st concert (Sclavis/Texier/Romano): 90 minutes
  • 2nd concert (Sclavis/Echampart/Chevillon): 58 minutes
  • 3rd concert (Sclavis/Frith/Drouet): 46 minutes