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Luc Riolon

2004 / 56min / Production : 24 images - Canal 8 Le Mans

A recording of 3 shows by the Maguy Marin Company

The idea of this film was to create a time and a space for several creations to come together on one stage, to be seen at times separately and at times together. The film regroups different creations that vary in their treatment of the body. But despite the difference in treatment, one common thing that leaps out is the exploration of our temporality, our relationship with this world.

Ulises alvarez, Florence Girardon, Mahuy Marin and Denis Mariotte work together separately at first and then together to create a space and a time. Their first few shows were at Le Mans, Bron and Albi.

  • Semblance, created by Ulises Alvarez
  • Paysages Monde, (2nd episode) created by Florence Girardon
  • Ca, quand meme (duo), created by Maguy Marin and Denis Mariotte