While a teenager, I used to save my pocket money to buy a guitar; a dream that finally came true. However, when I brought the guitar home, my brother broke it and punished me for doing such a thing; he even stopped me to go out for few weeks. He believed that only ill-reputed girls or women would play a guitar.

According to him, a girl with a good family kept herself away from any kind of music. Believing so, he didn’t stop insulting me for many years because of the shame he had felt while he saw me with a guitar in front of others.

I know that this is not only me who has such a story. There are thousands of women in my region and other conservative societies suffering from the same discrimination. Punished or insulted, most of them give up on their ambitions. However, there are others who keep going.

Director: Sahra Mani - 2019 - France - Afghanistan - 80 minutes
Producer: 24images - AfghanistanDocHouse