A group of Taiwanese aboriginal fight against the government to see their rights to live on their land recognized, but when money and interests start to flow in, the world turns them against each other. Can they still be the tribe they once were?

On February 29th, 2008, an excavator drives by the riverbanks in the community of San-­‐Ying, in the eastern part of Taiwan. It stops by a bunch of wooden houses where the tribe of Amis has moved from more than 30 years, when the lack of jobs pushed them to live their village up in the mountains.

This is already the 7th time in 30 years. If it weren’t for that Chinese-­‐ethnic journalist, Mr Jiang, the Amis tribe would have built again the village for the eighth time, waiting for the excavator sent by the government to come and destroy it again. But this time is different; Mr Jiang asks: why don’t you take this out on the streets?

Led by Mr Jiang, they start a fight for their right to housing in which they’re joined by artists and general people. But in the meantime, something changes. The revolution that Mr Jiang had started is not what it used to be, and when money flows in, those he considered the victims slowly became the oppressors: did he commit a mistake, or did the world change those simple people?

Director: Hui-Chen Huang - 2019 - France - Taïwan - 90 minutes
Producer: 24images - Volos Films