Each one in one side of the world, Hubert, designer based in Marseille, and Stephanie, Australian student based in Sydney, discover the existence of Narcisse Pelletier, a Vendée young sailor, which after a shipwreck in 1850, spent 17 years in a tribe of Aboriginal in the extreme northern of Australia before returning unwillingly, in his homeland.

Hubert was looking for a maritime subject for his next graphic story. He inquirys to give life and form to his new hero. Stephanie abandoned her work on a French geographer of the Enlightenment and redirects her research to try to find out more about the shipwreck, the tribe who save him, and the conditions of his repatriation in Europe.

It’s a reflection on our civilization and the history of the aborigines. It shows the inability of our society to consider a de-Christianized man or a serene aboriginal tribe.

Trailer – Narcisse Pelletier

Director : Serge Aillery - 2018 - France - 52 minutes
Producer : 24images - Broadcaster : France 3 Pays de la Loire


    • Ecrans de la mer 2019 des Sables d’Olonnes, France
    • FIFAV 2019 de La Rochelle, France
    • FIFO 2020 Tahiti