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"The hatred between two communities comes from a lack of space, and the challenge of the XXI century is the survival of a humanity wich is constantly growing on a planet with limited resources, and that man has barely aware"

Germaine Tillion (1907 - 2008)

©Aldo Scares

Germaine Tillion is an ethnologist specialist of Berbers populations, based in Algeria in 1930. She has been a pioneer in her field. She was also a figure of the Resistance and received honors and rewards for the bravery she showed during the World War two.

Her entry in the Pantheon, in May 2015, helped to highlight her extraordinary destiny. But the career of this humanist who spent her life to fight against all oppression’s forms, especially during Algeria’s war where she was very active, still largely unknown to the public

With personal’s archives and unpublished testimonies about her Algerian’s years, the film invites to share the unique perspective of a humanist woman who worked against the "homelessness" of local people, and is outraged by torture, terrorism, and women’s enslavement ...

Supported by :
• Région Pays de la Loire / Developpment