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Seeking the man with the camera

Boutheyna Bouslama

2016 / 90 minutes / Production : 24 images, Close Up (Suisse)

Director : Boutheyna Bouslama

« Seeking the man with the camera » follows the investigation of the narrator who is looking for Seymo, a childhood friend. She used to play with him in the streets of Homs. Today, Seymo became Osama Al Habbali, a prisoner of the Syrian regime since 2012 because of his activism activities.

Connected with Oussama’s old friends, the director arrive little by little to trace the path of Oussama and his involvement in the Syrian revolution.

For all, Oussama is "the man with the camera", a camera that he kept as a unique weapon in a fratricidal conflict and politically complex.

Supported by :
• Region Pays de la Loire / Developpment