Short Feature



by Clarisse Hahn - 45 minutes
A French couple just enter, like a virus in a Mexican landscape full of legends and symbols, where is told stories of ghosts, murders, kidnappings and violence ...



by Luc Perez - 15 minutes
Like thousands of people who, every day, leave their native lands, Abdu, a young musician from Mali, has decided to go to Europe.


A Golden Role

by Didier Agostini - 10 minutes
Based on the short story by J.B.Pouy : "Un rôle en or" The film is set in a tiny train station in the countryside. The Station Chief cannot forget the accident that he thinks he caused many years ago. This memory drives him mad. A nurse (...)


The Infant, the Donkey and the Architect

by Lorenzo Recio - 22min
A king invests his architect with the responsibility of conceiving his future royal palace. A series of cataclysmic events occurs that affect the peaceful functioning of his kingdom.


A Cat’s Life

by Catherine Vrignaud - 6min
“A cat’s life” plunges the spectator into the daily life of a charming old lady. The lady, old enough to be a grandmother, leads an apparently banal life. Her solitude is burdensome. The television and her cat are her only companions. Ginette (...)


23, rue des Martyrs

by Luc Perez - 4min
Animation “23 rue des Martyrs” is an evocation of the french painter Théodore Géricault and his fatal passion for horses.


Once upon a time...

by Alain Lebreton - 10min
What can be more exacting than the look of a child on his mother? What can one do to avoid seeing in that look, spontaneous love that he has for you and that he expects from you? What to do, but to run away from this look? Once upon a time, Elsa (...)

A Hard Day

by Louis-Jean Gorry - 12min
Two fugitives take refuge in the countryside. A hard day begins then for them, punctuated by a series of burlesque misadventures that fall upon them…


by Chad Chenouga - 20min
“L’attache” is the story of the reunion of two brothers, who were so different from each other that they had stopped seeing each other. A reunion during which their true personalities will be (...)