History and Politics


When Kaboul Sings

by Sahra Mani - 80 minutes
Despite a range of difficulties, these girls want to transcend social taboos and show a new, positive and modern image of Afghanistan to the world through music.



Ada Colau for mayor

by Pau Faus - 90 & 52 minutes
Ada Colau confides her fears and contradictions that marked her odyssey. An odyssey which, in less than a year, will propel this street activist to the Barcelona City Council.


A Young Patriot

by Du Haibin - 106 minutes
Torn between Communist propaganda and mass consumption trends as exemplified by the West, how do the teenagers and young adults of China - a generation that did not have their hopes raised by the fall of the Communist bloc or experience the events of Tiananmen Square - express their "love" for their country?


Kurdish Lover

by Clarisse Hahn - 98 minutes
The Kurdish lover is Oktay, a man of Kurdish origin with whom I share my life. We have been drifting through a devastated region brought to a standstill by war and economic misery. How do people manage to co-exist in this place? This is the (...)


Desert Wind

by Larbi Benchiha - 52 minutes
In 1960, in the north of Algeria, war was rampant. But 2000 kms from the battlefield, another project was emerging from within the sands of the Sahara. In the eyes of General De Gaulle, this project was to be more important than the war itself. (...)


Saumur: The Chronicle of an Occupied City

by Fernando Gomez Monroy - 52min
How did the people of Saumur live the four years under the German occupation? What was their daily life like? What were their joys and their anguishes during the Occupation? By distancing itself from labels of “good” and “bad” Frenchmen, this film (...)


Robert Antelme, the human species

by Jean Mascolo , Jean-Marc Turine - 65 minutes
In May 1944, Robert Antelme is deported to Germany. In 1947, survivor of the death camps, he publishes « The Human Species », a book that becomes famous ofr its look at the human species through the deportation period. This documentary tells the (...)