Charles Lloyd - Sangam trio

by Jean-Marc Birraux - 60min
« There is a long time now that Charles Lloyd let appear in his spiritualist and syncretic music – taking some spectacular effects from free jazz, some forms and idioms (blues, folk, standards) from tradition and lyricism, mystics from Coltrane – (...)

Joëlle Léandre / The Stone Quartet

by Jean-Marc Birraux - 52 minutes
Joëlle Léandre always struggled for a free, spontaneous approach of music. She succeeded in imposing her artistic vision because of a stong faith in the ideal of her music conceptions.


Ron Carter Quarter - Dear Miles

by Jean-Marc Birraux -
Miles Davis had several grand periods in his musical career and notably, two famous quintets. The first was during the fifties and early sixties, with Bill Evans, Cannonball Adderley and John Coltrane, that the album "Kind of Blue" showcased. (...)


La Nuit de la voix - Europa Jazz 2007

by Jean-Marc Birraux -
24 Images proposes the recordings of two concerts held as part of "La Nuit de la voix" during the festival Europa Jazz ’07. The first is a creation by Yves Robert titled « L’ARGENT ». Trombonist virtuoso who juggles nonchalantly between genres and (...)


Les Belles Nuits des Harmonies

by Michel Esquirol - 60 minutes
For more than a quarter century, Europa Jazz, the festival in Le Mans has incessantly enouraged musical fusions in order to present to us, each pring, creations and original encounters between musicians from diverse horizons, from traditional (...)


Manu Dibango / Sax & Spirituals

by Luc Riolon - 70 minutes
At 64, Manu Dibango is today an accomplished jazz musician and is recognised all over the world. Midway between jazz and gospel, here is a concert by this impassioned musician.

A Portrait of Henri Texier

by Jean-Marc Birraux - 52min
Henri Texier’s story is full of visits to and from different places and symbolic cultures. The Batignolles, Brittany, North American Indians are for him, territories on which his imagination and his creativity stroll. At a time where he has (...)


Jazz J’Asia / Japan Today

by Michel Esquirol - 276 minutes
The black star of Jazz hasn’t stopped shining in the Land of the Rising Sun, and the public has become attentive to the Japanese production in this field, that is in search of an identity. During the year long cultural shows that were put up to (...)

Louis Sclavis Fiesta Trio

by Jean-Marc Birraux - 194 minutes
For the festival Europa Jazz 1997, Louis Sclavis was allowed to perform whatever he pleased, with just the obligation of keeping it a trio. A challenge that he took up by playing for more than four hours with the great names of modern jazz: (...)


Laurent Cugny and Orchestre National de Jazz

by Gilles Cousin - 60 minutes
For the National Jazz Orchestra, it’s their eighth year of existence, fifth musical director and close to 450 concerts around the entire world. Until this day, the orchestra has remained one of its kind in its principles and functioning. Laurent (...)

Steve Waring Quintet / Le Colporteur

by Gilles Cousin - 60 minutes
Le Colporteur (The Hawker) is one of Steve Waring’s shows, one about a great traveller in the land of sounds. With Steve and his musicians, we discover that songs, jazz and humour can be traced on the same latitude of the (...)


Jazz Bocage

by Gilles Cousin - 60min
Jazz Bocage is a return to the first loves of jazz, a means of revitalising oneself with the energy of immortal and jubilatory popular music! This creation is of the most ambitious ones proposed to the public since the birth of the Europa (...)

Louis Sclavis Sextet / The Violence of Rameau

by Gilles Cousin - 60 minutes
Louis Sclavis proposes this year a new project around Jean-Philippe Rameau’s music. A strange encounter between a contemporary jazzman and 18th century music! Nothing can stop Louis Sclavis who is today one of the most important musicians of (...)