Nature & Discovery


Narcisse Pelletier

by Serge Aillery - 52 minutes
Narcisse Pelletier is a young sailor from Saint-Gilles, born in 1844. At 14 years old, he survived of the St. Paul's shipwreck and lived seventeen years in Australia in an aboriginal tribe Narcisse Pelletier est un mousse de Saint-Gilles né en 1844 qui, rescapé du naufrage du Saint-Paul à l'âge de 14 ans, vécu dix-sept ans en Australie dans une tribu aborigène...



by Clarisse Hahn - 45 minutes
A French couple just enter, like a virus in a Mexican landscape full of legends and symbols, where is told stories of ghosts, murders, kidnappings and violence ...


Elephant Blues

by Philippe Gautier - 90 & 52 minutes
Reflections about Nature and our relationship to the world through Ojas, a five-year old girl who lives in a forest in South India, amidst elephants.


Zanzibar Musical Club

by Philippe Gasnier , Patrice Nezan - 90 & 52 minutes
At sunset in the streets of the ancient old town, the musical clubs of Zanzibar buzz with the joyful sounds of Taarab, the music of Zanzibar, whose style reflects two millennia of cultural exchange and the island’s place at the crossroads of the spice route.


The cult of the horse in Russia

by Laurent Desprez - 52min
Since 5000 years, the Russians have maintained privileged ties with the horse. It was in their land, in the steppes of the confines of Asia, that the horse was first domesticated, becoming the very foundation of a people who were later baptised (...)


The Secret of Horse-whisperers

by Laurent Desprez - 52 minutes
Robert Redford’s film “The Horse-whisperer”, released in France in 1998, popularised a new type of horse physician that took into account the psychology of these animals. The aim of the film was not to explain what exactly the method of these (...)

The Horses of Pantanal

by Flavia Castro , Jean-François Castel - 26 minutes
Pantanal is a superb region in the western centre of Brazil, one of the most important ecosystems in the world (200 000 km2), recognised by the UNESCO. Fishing and breeding are the only economic activities here. The horse in Pantanal is the (...)

Rajput Horse-rider

by Philippe Gautier - 26 minutes
In India today, Dileep Singh Rathore, descendant of a long lineage of Rajput warriors, presents to us the equestrian tradition in Rajasthan and its characteristic horses of the desert: the Marwadi horse. From the heritage of a warrior past (...)