When Kaboul Sings

by Sahra Mani - 80 minutes
Despite a range of difficulties, these girls want to transcend social taboos and show a new, positive and modern image of Afghanistan to the world through music.



by Carole Filiu -
Fatea is a web-documentary on Algerian women at work.

Carlos Nuñez / Bretaña

by Christian Rouaud - 63 minutes
A Spaniard of placid appearance. He’s also a worldwide star. He’s a virtuoso, who has already performed in the Royal Albert Hall in London and at the Carnegie Hall in New York.


Themerson & Themerson

by Wiktoria Szymanska - 70 minutes
The Themerson Polish couple were part of the avant-garde current in the middle of the 20th century. Very creative in different kinds of media like movie, litterature, painting, they deeply influenced lots of artists - like Roman Polanski for (...)


Michel Desjoyeaux, journal d’un Vendée Globe

by François Gauducheau - 52 minutes
Michel Desjoyeaux, the greatest winner of solitary open sea sailing races, just won for the second time the Vendée Globe, the Everest for sailing, a performance that nobody did before. Even if this 2008/2009 edition was remorseless, two thirds (...)

Jean Loup Trassard, the writer of agriculture

by Pierre Guicheney - 76 & 52 minutes
Jean-Loup Trassard is a famous writer in the Loire Region but also in the whole country because of his talent in litterature and photography. The publishing house Gallimard is presenting his work since 1961 and there are lots of exhibitions of (...)


A Woman in Politics

by Luc Decaster - 94 minutes
We live in times where Politics has a particularly bad reputation, to the extent where men and women who participate in it are looked down upon for it. The politician is often too soon called to the criminal’s box. But in order to understand the (...)


In the footsteps of Georges Branche

by Didier Agostini - 26min
Georges Branche is a horseman and an atypical stuntman. He won’t take any risks concerning his horses, but is rather patient with and respectful towards the animal. George is an enterprising person in the show business. He is the manager of a (...)


Inva Mula, the Voice of Albania

by Luc Riolon - 69 minutes
Inva Mula returns to sing in Albania in September 2003 amidst the ruins of the antique theatre of Butrini. For her return to her motherland, Inva has imagined a very eclectic programme that goes from songs written by her father to great melodies (...)


Svankmajer’s Dreams

by Bertrand Schmitt , Michel Leclerc - 79 & 58 minutes
Jan Svankmajer, Czech filmaker, is one of the prominent representatives of contemporary animated film.

Catherine Paysan

by Laurent Desprez - 2x52min
Portrait of Catherine Paysan, writer, who is born in 1926 in Aulaines in Sarthe. The Gongourt jury has given to her his annual award for her last book “Les Désarmés”.


A Portrait of Henri Texier

by Jean-Marc Birraux - 52min
Henri Texier’s story is full of visits to and from different places and symbolic cultures. The Batignolles, Brittany, North American Indians are for him, territories on which his imagination and his creativity stroll. At a time where he has (...)


A Portrait of Patrice Leconte

by Didier Agostini - 26min
From “Bronzés” to “Ridicule”, from “The hairdresser’s husband” to “Mr Hire”…It’s difficult to classify Patrice Leconte in any category of filmmaking. This film sketches a portrait of this extraordinary (...)


Robert Antelme, the human species

by Jean Mascolo , Jean-Marc Turine - 65 minutes
In May 1944, Robert Antelme is deported to Germany. In 1947, survivor of the death camps, he publishes « The Human Species », a book that becomes famous ofr its look at the human species through the deportation period. This documentary tells the (...)