Akram Khan / Chotto Desh

by Luc Riolon - 57 minutes
Chotto Desh, meaning ‘small homeland’, draws on Khan’s unique quality of cross-cultural storytelling, creating a compelling tale of a young man’s dreams and memories from Britain to Bangladesh.



Jonah Bokaer / Rules of the game

by Jérôme Cassou - 84 minutes
"To me, choreography is primarily a visual art. Movement and rhythm are two elements that you find in visual art but also in architecture. My approach to dance is strongly influenced by new technology." Jonah Bokaer

Israël Galvan /

by Luc Riolon - 80 minutes
The music, that’s the topic. The music that has sounded throughout Israel Galvan´s shows and now appears free of plots, scripts or theatre.


Rocio Molina / Bosque Ardora

by Luc Riolon - 70 minutes
Dans le sillage radical du nouveau flamenco, Rocío Molina signe Bosque Ardora, une création qui plonge le spectateur au cœur de la forêt


Carolyn Carlson / Now

by Denis Caïozzi - 82 minutes
Nothing exhausts the breath that animate, since four decades, the famous American of contemporary French dance. "Now", the new show of Carolyn Carlson, inaugurates her residence of two years in the National Theater of Chaillot.

Saburo Teshigawara / Dah Dah Sko Dah Dah

by Luc Riolon - 65 minutes
A mythical play that goes closest to what exists at the rythm's birth, and sound : pulsations of the heart, sound of the wind or sand grains. Une pièce mythique qui s’approche au plus près de ce qui préexiste à la naissance du rythme, donc du son : les pulsations du cœur, le bruit du vent ou celui des grains de sable.


Nuit Flamenca

260 minutes
on ARTE, Sunday 7th July, from Midnight A whole night of flamenco with some of the best choreographers, dancers and musicians.

La Familia de Los Reyes

by Josselin Carré - 79 minutes
The Familia de los Reyes is one of the families guardians of flamenco treasure. On stage, two generations of artists who show what is usually hidden to the layman: the living memory of a clan, with the gypsy dance in the heart of all their movements.


15ème Biennale de la Danse de Lyon

180 minutes
Show on ARTE : Japanese Delight (réal. Luc Riolon) avec Mortal Combat, Repoll:FX and Former Aktion Shows on ARTE LIve Web : Mourad Merzouki / Yo Gee Ti (dir. Luc Riolon) Dada Massilo / Swan Lake (dir. Jean-Marc Birraux) Dave St Pierre (...)




The quest of Excellence

by Olivier Clerot - 3x26min
Regarding the National School of Equitation in Saumur, the public knows essentially the Cadre noir. The official receptions, public performances have been a huge succes all over the years but who knows about the various responsabilities of (...)


Cadre Noir of Saumur

Every once in a while, the Ecole Nationale d’Equitation - National School of Equitation - offers the public access to discover its means and its actions towards the sport of equitation and its heritage. The "Cadre Noir" of Saumur is the teaching (...)


Shibuza Shirazu

by Jean-Marc Birraux -
A Japanese group comprising about 40 musicians, actors, dancers and who blend the Japanese traditional arts (bhuto, Nö theatre), contemporary performances (painting, video, multimedia) with Jazz that is completely unlike the classical big bands, (...)


Les Belles Nuits des Harmonies

by Michel Esquirol - 60 minutes
For more than a quarter century, Europa Jazz, the festival in Le Mans has incessantly enouraged musical fusions in order to present to us, each pring, creations and original encounters between musicians from diverse horizons, from traditional (...)


Horses and Melodies

by Olivier Clerot - 60 minutes
With Company Les cavaliers de l’Aventure The contemporary circus has been revived: the artists are renewing its language while sticking to traditional rules (circus tent, round tracks, music, rhythm, clownery, acrobatic numbers) but at the same (...)


Night of the voices

by Michel Esquirol - 60 minutes
This unique concert brings together two exceptional artists: Maria Pia de Vito, jazz virtuoso from Italy and Ramamani Ramanujam, a renowned singer who belongs to the South Indian tradition of music. Delving deep into the sources of their (...)


Claudio Monteverdi / Selva Morale e Spirituale

by Michel Esquirol - 85min
After the creation of the first part of the this work in 1997 during the baroque festival in Sable-sur-Sarthe, Bernard Fabre-Garrus and his group continue their pursuit of Monteverdi’s work, a work that is not very widely known. This is the (...)


Manu Dibango / Sax & Spirituals

by Luc Riolon - 70 minutes
At 64, Manu Dibango is today an accomplished jazz musician and is recognised all over the world. Midway between jazz and gospel, here is a concert by this impassioned musician.


Raùl Barboza / La tierra sin mal

by Michel Esquirol - 60 minutes
Raul Barboza is an Indian who comes from the Argentinean tribe of the Guaranis. He presents to us the accordion, through the living genre of music called “Chamamé”, a genre that’s evocative and full of emotion. La tierra sin mal, his new show is a (...)

Louis Sclavis Fiesta Trio

by Jean-Marc Birraux - 194 minutes
For the festival Europa Jazz 1997, Louis Sclavis was allowed to perform whatever he pleased, with just the obligation of keeping it a trio. A challenge that he took up by playing for more than four hours with the great names of modern jazz: (...)

Claudio Monteverdi / Selva Morale E Spirituale

by Luc Riolon - 96 minutes
The “A Sei Voci” ensemble very rapidly acquired international fame. Founded in 1977, this ensemble took up as its vocation to rediscover the polyphonic musical compositions of the Renaissance and Baroque periods, while remaining loyal to (...)

Maguy Marin / Ram Dam

by Luc Riolon - 74 minutes
The choreographer and his dancers perform Ram Dam, where dance, theatre and music blend together in a brouhaha that’s perfectly orchestrated. Created in 1995, Ram Dam is a show in two parts and is placed under the sign of numbers. Ram, created (...)