Society & Ethnology


When Kaboul Sings

by Sahra Mani - 80 minutes
Despite a range of difficulties, these girls want to transcend social taboos and show a new, positive and modern image of Afghanistan to the world through music.



by Nurith Aviv - 60 minutes
"Signing" is an invitation to study the too little-known world of sign language.

Narcisse Pelletier

by Serge Aillery - 52 minutes
Narcisse Pelletier is a young sailor from Saint-Gilles, born in 1844. At 14 years old, he survived of the St. Paul's shipwreck and lived seventeen years in Australia in an aboriginal tribe Narcisse Pelletier est un mousse de Saint-Gilles né en 1844 qui, rescapé du naufrage du Saint-Paul à l'âge de 14 ans, vécu dix-sept ans en Australie dans une tribu aborigène...



by Clarisse Hahn - 45 minutes
A French couple just enter, like a virus in a Mexican landscape full of legends and symbols, where is told stories of ghosts, murders, kidnappings and violence ...


Burqa Boxers

by Alka Raghuram - 84 minutes
In the slums of Calcutta, Muslim girls try to escape poverty and seek empowerment through boxing.

Maguy Marin / BiT

by Luc Riolon - 60 minutes
"With her new show, Maguy Marin signs one of of her craziest and strongest performance" Le Figaro


Poetics of the Brain

by Nurith Aviv - 66 minutes
Childhood photos from Nurith Aviv’s family album evoke memories and reflections which lead her to encounters with researches in neuroscience.

A Young Patriot

by Du Haibin - 106 minutes
Torn between Communist propaganda and mass consumption trends as exemplified by the West, how do the teenagers and young adults of China - a generation that did not have their hopes raised by the fall of the Communist bloc or experience the events of Tiananmen Square - express their "love" for their country?


Flowing Stories

by Tsui-shan Jessey Tsang - 97 minutes
A film about heritage and development, tradition and modernity, preservation and change.

Elephant Blues

by Philippe Gautier - 90 & 52 minutes
Reflections about Nature and our relationship to the world through Ojas, a five-year old girl who lives in a forest in South India, amidst elephants.



by Carole Filiu -
Fatea is a web-documentary on Algerian women at work.


by Luc Perez - 15 minutes
Like thousands of people who, every day, leave their native lands, Abdu, a young musician from Mali, has decided to go to Europe.



Kurdish Lover

by Clarisse Hahn - 98 minutes
The Kurdish lover is Oktay, a man of Kurdish origin with whom I share my life. We have been drifting through a devastated region brought to a standstill by war and economic misery. How do people manage to co-exist in this place? This is the (...)

Zahra’s mother tongue

by Fatima Sissani - 93 minutes
The Kabyls exist primarily through speech. Each gesture, each instant of their daily life flows into a verse, a metaphor, a proverb…After all, in the mountainous fortress that they’re patrons of, oratory prowess is the most prevalent activity. (...)


Rebels the 9th Art

by Nicoletta Fagiolo - 52 minutes
A rising generation of African editorial cartoonists is addressing corruption, violence and the difficulties of daily life What are their styles? Who are their heroes? What is the “African angle” they portray? How do they see the west? What (...)

Zanzibar Musical Club

by Philippe Gasnier , Patrice Nezan - 90 & 52 minutes
At sunset in the streets of the ancient old town, the musical clubs of Zanzibar buzz with the joyful sounds of Taarab, the music of Zanzibar, whose style reflects two millennia of cultural exchange and the island’s place at the crossroads of the spice route.


La Plage des dames

by Thierry Compain - 52 minutes
Since about twenty years, filmmaker Thierry Compain has undertaken the particular task of filming specific places and sites, that are also his own personal places and sites: Île Grande, a tiny island on the northern coast of Brittany and its (...)

Garden of Eden

by Philippe Berrier - 52min
We will follow the steps of cider production through two different visions of the cider production trade. Sylvie, in her fifties, is originally from the parisian hight "bourgeoisie". She tells us about here ceaseless renewed surprise. Mériadec, (...)

Sculptors of Wine

by Philippe Ody - 52min
They are avant-garde wine growers, their vineyards define the northern limits of wine culture in the region of Pays de la Loire. They have been settled in Sarthe, in one of the tiniest and least known vineyards of the country. Here, the raisin (...)

The Lady of Osogbo

by Pierre Guicheney - 77 minutes
In the month of November 2005, UNESCO registered the sacred forest of Osun Osogbo in Nigeria as a World Heritage Site. This recognition endowed by the highest cultural authorities in the world, to a site cherished by the Yoruba tradition is the (...)


In the Land of Stone-dancers

by Philippe Gasnier - 52 minutes
“The Royal Ballet is the heirloom of a tradition that is more than thousand years old. Intricately tied to the royal court, the ballet suffered all the upheavals of the Cambodian history and on several occasions, nearly disappeared. But each (...)

The cult of the horse in Russia

by Laurent Desprez - 52min
Since 5000 years, the Russians have maintained privileged ties with the horse. It was in their land, in the steppes of the confines of Asia, that the horse was first domesticated, becoming the very foundation of a people who were later baptised (...)


Composers of yesterday and of today

by Luc Riolon - 87min
The composer Joao de Deus Castro Lobo (1794-1832) is a mulatto born into a poor family. He is one of the greatest talents of this epoch. Music, for him, was a real means of communication between colonial Portugal and European culture. And more (...)


My friend, my enemy

by Mazen Saadeh - 52min
Summer 2000, Denver City, USA. A group of teenage girls from Denver, Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza participate in a peace camp at a retreat centre in the Colorado Mountains. As the workshop progresses, friendships develop and stereotypes (...)


A Navajo Spring

by Jean-Louis Nizon - 52min
Far from the contrived folklore, westerns that have blurred the image of and our own prejudices about the native Indian civilisation, this documentary renders justice to the Navajo with a rare sensitivity, explaining even their conception of the (...)


Dream of a factory

by Luc Decaster - 98 minutes
The announcement that the Epéda factory in Mer, that employed them was going to shut down stupefied the factory workers, who even the previous month, were working over-time. Work stops gradually. Between the walls of the sick factory, time is now ticking for the individuals.


Rajput Horse-rider

by Philippe Gautier - 26 minutes
In India today, Dileep Singh Rathore, descendant of a long lineage of Rajput warriors, presents to us the equestrian tradition in Rajasthan and its characteristic horses of the desert: the Marwadi horse. From the heritage of a warrior past (...)