World Music


When Kaboul Sings

by Sahra Mani - 80 minutes
Despite a range of difficulties, these girls want to transcend social taboos and show a new, positive and modern image of Afghanistan to the world through music.





Carlos Nuñez / Bretaña

by Christian Rouaud - 63 minutes
A Spaniard of placid appearance. He’s also a worldwide star. He’s a virtuoso, who has already performed in the Royal Albert Hall in London and at the Carnegie Hall in New York.


by Luc Perez - 15 minutes
Like thousands of people who, every day, leave their native lands, Abdu, a young musician from Mali, has decided to go to Europe.


Stomu Yamashta in concert / The Void & The sound of zen

2 x 52 minutes
The Void : 9/11 - Recording at St Eustache Church (Paris) Exceptional event ! Stomu Yamashta, will play with stones of thousands years old, with the lyric singer Sverrir Gudjonsson and a sacred music singer from Syria, Noma. The sound of zen : (...)

Zanzibar Musical Club

by Philippe Gasnier , Patrice Nezan - 90 & 52 minutes
At sunset in the streets of the ancient old town, the musical clubs of Zanzibar buzz with the joyful sounds of Taarab, the music of Zanzibar, whose style reflects two millennia of cultural exchange and the island’s place at the crossroads of the spice route.


Night of the voices

by Michel Esquirol - 60 minutes
This unique concert brings together two exceptional artists: Maria Pia de Vito, jazz virtuoso from Italy and Ramamani Ramanujam, a renowned singer who belongs to the South Indian tradition of music. Delving deep into the sources of their (...)


Manu Dibango / Sax & Spirituals

by Luc Riolon - 70 minutes
At 64, Manu Dibango is today an accomplished jazz musician and is recognised all over the world. Midway between jazz and gospel, here is a concert by this impassioned musician.


Raùl Barboza / La tierra sin mal

by Michel Esquirol - 60 minutes
Raul Barboza is an Indian who comes from the Argentinean tribe of the Guaranis. He presents to us the accordion, through the living genre of music called “Chamamé”, a genre that’s evocative and full of emotion. La tierra sin mal, his new show is a (...)