We live in times where Politics has a particularly bad reputation, to the extent where men and women who participate in it are looked down upon for it. The politician is often too soon called to the criminal’s box.

But in order to understand the situation better, it is important to ask the question : does the politician himself have a different view of Politics and the way it is practised?

The filmmaker had long desired to follow closely the daily activity of an elected representative, with the following questions in mind : What is this life that the media gives only glimpses of, actually made up of? What are the individual tasks and the methods of work? Behind the “image” that appears to the public, what is the position that the elected politician has to assume in order to ensure the making of laws and propositions that his mandate has called for?

In looking for the right protagonist, it was the encounter with a woman, Françoise Verchère, Mayor and General Counsellor, that led to the realisation of this project.

Director : Luc Decaster  - 2008 - France - 96 minutes
Producer : 24 images - Télénantes - Broadcaster : Télénantes - Distribution : Contre-Allée