With Body Concert, the Koreans of the Ambiguous Dance Company traverse several centuries of choreographic creation. It’s a crazy show, a cross between hip-hop and classical dance.

The Korean wave is also choreographic! Conceived by Boram Kim and his group, the Ambiguous Dance Company, this contemporary dance show, divided into ten acts, each corresponding to a different musical style, travels through a century of dance history, carried along by seven supercharged dancers in incongruous bathing caps and fluid movements. With humour, they revisit classical, hip-hop, contemporary, traditional and club dances, with virtuosity and good humour. First performed at Seoul’s Arko Arts in 2010, Body Concert, an ode to the festive spirit of dance, has since played to sold-out houses around the world.

Director : Luc Riolon - 2023 - France - 4K - 59 minutes
Producer : 24images - Broadcaster : ARTE Concert