I am dreaming of this piece as a remedy. A remedy from the rituals of Western theatre, its frontality, its strict temporality, its relationship to power. Therefore, we will be performing within a closed space, without wings or sets. Close to one another. Limited in number. All on the same level, no risers, no fourth wall. Withinthese conditions, one can choose one’s own viewing hour, as the show will take place several times per day – like a movie theatre schedule or street theatre performance loop. We will take advantage of this intimacy, of this proximity, of this enclosure to enjoy a spectrum of delicacies and outrageous acts. This would feel a little like the style of theyyam dances in Malabar, where the dancers, in wondrous, monumental costumes transform into gods and are also brought closer to the men and women gathered to watch and solicit them.

Driven by the bewitching rhythms of Ukrainian, Philippine, or Sephardic music, I imagine this multi-lingual recital captured within a costume-sculpture by Romain Brau as a sinuous mix of dance, of song… and of liquors.

François Chaignaud

Director : Mareike Engelhardt - 2017 - France - 35 minutes
Producer : 24images - Broadcaster : Culturebox