Since about twenty years, filmmaker Thierry Compain has undertaken the particular task of filming specific places and sites, that are also his own personal places and sites: Île Grande, a tiny island on the northern coast of Brittany and its inhabitants. The knowledge of the territory, the confidence the residents have in him, his own personal invovlement in the life of the island and his observation over the years have allowed him to continue this cinematographic exploration in the most intimate and just manner.

Through his previous films, Thierry Compain has managed to portray a saga of the people of this island. He has filmed their stories in different angles, in different forms and on different subjects. Today, he would like to continue to tell the story of these people with a link to the modern world.

This film is an attempt to take a sort of an “x-ray” of this island in 2007, through the various characters who have already featured in his previous films. But the idea here is to weave threads into the future, with their children and grandchildren, understand what tomorrow will be made of and how this island will be transformed. All this will be told and filmed by portraying the history of one single place : a little beach that has been witness to a peculiar history…

Director : Thierry Compain - 2007 - France - 52 minutes
Producer : 24images