But who is this navigator Michel Desjoyeaux, the greatest winner of open sea sailing races, often considered as an extraterrestrial by sailing officials ?

This documentary film follows Michel Desjoyeaux, during the eighteen months preceding the departure of the next Vendée Globe. It ‘s an attempt to go beyond the mystery of this exceptional man, but also to question about those huge media shows of open sea sailing races.

They say that certain elves live among us without our knowledge. Airy, generous, strangers to evil and to baseness, mastering naturally all the matters of nature, they are endowed with extraordinary faculties, but use it with parsimony and discretion. They traverse our lives in order to show us the path…

François Gauducheau

Director : François Gauducheau - 2008 - France - 52 minutes
Producer : 24images - iloz productions - Broadcaster : France 3 Ouest