There is a long time now that Charles Lloyd let appear in his spiritualist and syncretic music – taking some spectacular effects from free jazz, some forms and idioms (blues, folk, standards) from tradition and lyricism, mystics from Coltrane – all that his universe owes in oriental philosophy. But the old sage never went so far in such a fusion between jazz and Indian music here, with Zakir Hussain the great tablas master and Eric Harland, the very talented drummer.

On the tenor saxophone of course, with this tender, subtle sound, absolutely unique, but also on flute, on alto saxophone, in a totally different style, fast, mobile, pointillist and angular – Lloyd, in long modal incantatory improvisations, invent a music at the crossroads, hybrid, mixed, with an impertinent freedom.

Charles Lloyd – Sangam trio / Bande-annonce

Director : Jean-Marc Birraux - 2009 - France - 60 minutes
Producer : 24images - Les Films du Présent - Broadcaster : Mezzo - Télénantes