Gregorian chant has shaped the musicality of Europe since the dawn of time. According to historians, it originated in Rome around the fourth century and spread throughout the continent. Neumes” are visual signs on the score that indicate the rhythm of the music, as if with a movement of the hand. Today, only monks, musicologists and specialized musicians know how to decipher these early medieval scores.

Notre histoire tells the story of the artistic, spiritual, musical and human adventure of Sverrir Gudjonsson, world-renowned Icelandic countertenor and producer of Gregorian chant CDs, Philippe Lenoble, former choirmaster of Le Mans Cathedral, and the Communauté Bénédictine de l’Abbaye de Fleury.

Director : Marie Arnaud & Jacques Debs - 2023 - France - 52 minutes
Producer : 24images - Broadcaster : France 3 Pays de la Loire et RÚV