After the huge success of Via Kanana, their collaboration with the South African artist Gregory Maqoma, the Via Katlehong wished to entrust their next creation to two European dance talents: Amala Dianor and Marco da Silva Ferreira… Two singular universes at the crossroads of mixed cultures for a shared evening turned towards the joy of dancing and the desire of sharing.



In Emaphakathini, Amala Dianor celebrates youth and the fury of life. A tribute where the choreographer’s contemporary writing, pantsula dance (a tradition born in the black townships of South Africa), hip-hop and tap dance blend together.

FØRM INFØRMS de Marco Da Silva Ferreira

Hybridity is also a question in førm Inførms, since Marco da Silva Ferreira telescopes his urban aesthetic to the frenetic movements of the panstula. Thus is born a work as explosive as it is chaotic, questioning the theory of accelerationism.

Director : Josselin Carré - 2023 - France
Producer : 24images - Broadcaster : ARTE Concert