Main Movies

Boudjemâa and the Film Library
by Mohammed Latrèche
Documentary (2019)
by Olivia Rochette, Gerard-Jan Claes
Documentary (2019)
Akram Khan / Chotto Desh
by Luc Riolon
Live performances (2018)
by Nurith Aviv
Documentary (2018)
Narcisse Pelletier
by Serge Aillery
Documentary (2018)
François Chaignaud / Думи мої – Dumy Moyi
by Mareike Engelhardt
Live performances (2017)
Ada Colau for mayor
by Pau Faus
Documentary (2017)
Burqa Boxers
by Alka Raghuram
Documentary (2016)
A Young Patriot
by Du Haibin
Documentary (2015)
Flowing Stories
by Tsui-shan Jessey Tsang
Documentary (2014)
Elephant Blues
by Philippe Gautier
Documentary (2014)
Chaillot Dance


Alvin Ailey II

by Denis Caïozzi - 69 minutes
For more than forty years, Ailey II has merged the spirit and energy of the country’s best young dance talent with the passion and creative vision of today’s most outstanding emerging choreographers.