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60 minutes
"Signing" is an invitation to study the too little-known world of sign language.

Main Movies

Narcisse Pelletier
by Serge Aillery
Documentary (2018)
Burqa Boxers
by Alka Raghuram
Documentary (2016)
Philippe Decouflé / Contact
by Denis Caïozzi
Live performances (2016)
Poetics of the Brain
by Nurith Aviv
Documentary (2015)
A Young Patriot
by Du Haibin
Documentary (2015)
Flowing Stories
by Tsui-shan Jessey Tsang
Documentary (2014)
The Graces
by Fatima Sissani
Documentary (2014)
Elephant Blues
by Philippe Gautier
Documentary (2014)
Chaillot Dance
by Luc Perez
Fiction (2013)
China Me
by Michka Saäl
Documentary (2013)
Kurdish Lover
by Clarisse Hahn
Documentary (2011)


Narcisse Pelletier

by Serge Aillery - 52 minutes
Narcisse Pelletier is a young sailor from Saint-Gilles, born in 1844. At 14 years old, he survived of the St. Paul's shipwreck and lived seventeen years in Australia in an aboriginal tribe Narcisse Pelletier est un mousse de Saint-Gilles né en 1844 qui, rescapé du naufrage du Saint-Paul à l'âge de 14 ans, vécu dix-sept ans en Australie dans une tribu aborigène...


by Clarisse Hahn - 45 minutes
A French couple just enter, like a virus in a Mexican landscape full of legends and symbols, where is told stories of ghosts, murders, kidnappings and violence ...