60 minutes
"Signing" is an invitation to study the too little-known world of sign language.

Main Movies

Tero Saarinen / Morphed
by Louise Narboni
Live performances (2018)
Akram Khan / Chotto Desh
by Luc Riolon
Live performances (2018)
Narcisse Pelletier
by Serge Aillery
Documentary (2018)
Ada Colau for mayor
by Pau Faus
Documentary (2017)
Burqa Boxers
by Alka Raghuram
Documentary (2016)
Philippe Decouflé / Contact
by Denis Caïozzi
Live performances (2016)
Poetics of the Brain
by Nurith Aviv
Documentary (2015)
A Young Patriot
by Du Haibin
Documentary (2015)
Flowing Stories
by Tsui-shan Jessey Tsang
Documentary (2014)
The Graces
by Fatima Sissani
Documentary (2014)
Elephant Blues
by Philippe Gautier
Documentary (2014)
Chaillot Dance


Looking for the man with the camera

by Boutheyna Bouslama - 76 minutes
« Looking fot the man with the camera » follows the investigation of the narrator who is looking for Seymo, a childhood friend. She used to play with him in the streets of Homs. Today, Seymo became Osama Al Habbali, a prisoner of the Syrian regime since 2012 because of his activism activities.

Tero Saarinen / Morphed

by Louise Narboni - 61 minutes
In Morphed, a band of seven men, bursting with intense, yet multi-layered masculine energy, delve into manifold themes such as change and sensuality.