In twenty paintings, the Chicos Mambo revisit various dances and play with choreographic codes, without taboo. The tutu, yes, but not only. They take-on contemporary dance, from Pina Bausch to Dancing with the Stars, from Nadia Comăneci and her followers, to tango and even haka… .

Each painting is a colorful surprise. The company happily transports us to its whimsical and theatrical universe. The humorous inventions are underlined by the costumes, delirious variations on the tutu, alternating brassiere, hat, duck tail, or trousers in the form of drumsticks for dancing birds.

If the troupe founded by Philippe Lafeuille is known for its self-deprecation and its irresistible accuracy in the art of pinning, it is also known for its technical precision and the sincerity of its commitment: the love of dance stronger than anything . A pure moment of entertainment that succeeds in bringing together both dance lovers and novices.

Trailer – Tutu

Director : Denis Caïozzi - 2018 - France - 75 minutes
Producer : 24images - Broadcaster : Culturebox