The Golden Stage is a hip-hop stage where the best French and international crews are defying each other. For this tour 2019, the main theme is “futurism” regarding the hip-hop style.

The first team is a French one Géométrie Variable, finalists of the tv-show France’s Got Talents. Their approach is unprecedented thanks to the invention of impressive arm games and geometric figures that metamorphose into a choreographic kaleidoscope.

By their side, El Squad is one of Japan’s largest hip-hop companies with over 55 million Youtube views. Propelled on a dark stage, covered with electroluminescent wires, the dancers play with the real and the virtual in a hip-hop galaxy. They float, teleport, multiply, doing the show with a gesture that evokes the ones of robots.

Director : Luc Riolon - 2019 - France - 68 minutes
Producer : 24images - Broadcaster : Culturebox