The trajectory of the Finn Tero Saarinen is one of the most beautiful in the dancing world in Europe.

He, who enchanted the audience at Chaillot with his interpretation of the role of “Blue Lady” by Carolyn Carlson, is very rare.” Borrowed Light” is thus one of the main events of the season: created in 2004 along with the singers from the Boston Camerata, this ballet shows, once again, the astounding talent of Saarinen. He chose as a starting point the music of the Shakers, an American religious community, today endangered. The Shakers have indeed developed a unique style of acapella choral singing, accompanied by energetic dance moves. However, the aim of this creation is not shakerism. It is rather to highlight the community and the devotion. To me, the nature of a commitment – whether it be religious, political or artistic – is basically the same. An ample dance, a chiseled writing, musicality brought to its highest: Borrowed Light is undoubtedly a success.

This show is part of the Chaillot Danse collection.
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Director : Louise Narboni - 2014 - France - 75 minutes
Producer : 24images - Broadcaster : Culturebox