With Alonzo King, it’s a great master of American dance who arrives (finally) in Paris. His company “Lines Ballet”, probably one the most exciting of the U.S, recently celebrated its thirtieth anniversary with this creation.

Although his company reveals to be a huge success all other the world, Alonzo King remains quite unknown in France.

Well-recognized dancer within the company of Alvin Ailey or the American Ballet Theater, this African-American performer moved to San Francisco in order to create his company in 1982. Soon, observers saw in him a reformer of classical dance, which he mixes with contemporary music (jazz or world), or even with new technologies, as we could see at the Trocadero in the performance Constellation. Supported by dancers with an impeccable academic background, a pretty rare ardour and passion on stage and a writing of the movement that never succumbs to the easy option, Alonzo King created a dance performance open to the world.

Trailer – Constellation

This show is part of the Chaillot Danse collection.
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Director : Denis Caïozzi - 2014 - France - 93 minutes
Producer : 24images - Broadcaster : Culturebox - Mezzo