After Pléiades and the Percussions de Strasbourg at Chaillot, Alban Richard introduces his new creation in residence. A choreographic, musical and theatrical evening.

On stage, eleven male performers, dancers, musicians, actors progress through seven rooms of different sizes and types: sottie, mystery, morality, monologue, Sabbath …

Those seven rooms are like trance and theatre rituals, stories of blood and ghosts, apparitions and disappearances . Et mon coeur a vu à foison is an exuberant and gothic performance, falling willingly into exaggeration: a “monstrous” performance. Built as a polyptych, the performance shows a procession of bodies gripped with a wild frenzy. Bodies showing their stupidity, their weakness, bodies that spread in their insolent presence, exhausted bodies, bodies in trance that strangely find unheard tangible inventions.

This show is part of the Chaillot Danse collection.
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Director : Luc Riolon - 2014 - France - 90 minutes
Producer : 24images - Broadcaster : Culturebox