Andrea Miller, the talented choreographer of this young New York dance company, creates a powerful universe of true beauty, supported by a troupe of virtuoso performers.

This community of artists founded in 2007 in New York chose to explore the visceral and imaginary dimensions of movement. The world of “Wonderland” is filled with joy, humour and poetry. The dancers, wearing scanty, close-fitting grey clads with strange tights, bodies and caps seem to come straight out of a SF movie. Their every move is loose, their dance tainted with carnal sensuality, their movements full of fluidity and grace, all of this creating sculptural shapes through space. Just like a tribe from the future, they merge then part smoothly and seem to levitate over the green stage that welcomes their every step. The human experience, the singularity of the performers , the exploration of materials as well as the relationship between body and space or objects are part of the creative process that the choreographer put in place with her dancers, with the aim of discovering a common universe.

This show is part of the Chaillot Danse collection.
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Director : Denis Caïozzi - 2014 - France - 60 minutes
Producer : 24images - Broadcaster : Culturebox - Mezzo